Güneş Motel Nemrut


Güneş Motel, located on the town of Malatya Pütürge Büyüköz village just 2 km away from the plateau. Our Motel has 23 years of service, choice of local and foreign tourists. Güneş Motel has 13 rooms, capacity of 32 beds and a restaurant for 40 people. To watch the sunrise and sunset from the center of the most suitable accommodation. Güneş Motel from the top of Mount Nemrut is ease of transportation for elderly and disabled people is desirable. Güneş Motel organizes its own trips.



Room views are scenic nemrut. Bathrooms and toilets have hot water. Outside the dining hall and TV lounge, outdoor parking lot is available for your vehicles. Sports and activities within the scope of the stars nemrut mountain hiking and mountain air is dark nemrut available for monitoring. Malatya, 90 km from the center of our motel, Nemrut Mountain 2 km away. Motel breakfast and dinner are available.

Tours About


Each weekday at 12:00 in Malatya motion. 13:30 pm lunch break in the mountains in the Kube. (Note: Lunch is not included in the tour price.) Time at 15:00 MOTEL destination. Motel and the rest after settling in, time to move the vehicle to watch the sun set and nemrut visit. MOTEL return after watching the sunset, and after dinner relaxation. The next morning the summit for sunrise movement, return after sunrise and breakfast motel. After breakfast, return preparation and Malatya.

Note: Tour price, round-trip, accommodation, breakfast and dinner included prices 100 Euro.

Tour External Value: Food, breakfast and room for 1 person prices 40 Euro.