East Terrace


There are giant statues of gods sitting in ranks on the board. Nothing in front of their faces to the sun has turned to worship the gods of the place. These sculptures, respectively Eagle, Lion, Antiochus, I. Commagene (Tyche), Zeus, Apollo, Heracles takes place. In addition, the north and south of the terrace of the royal family elders Commagene found relief steles.

West Terrace


However, the eastern terrace with statues of gods, such as giant sitting in throne next to them showing shake hands with Dexiiosis Antiochus I, the gods are reliefs. 2069 years, surviving statues of the gods, such as the western terrace on the east to survive properly protect property.

North Terrace


It connects the western and eastern terraces 180m long way to ruin. In addition, there are rules stell completed 80km in length. Mount Nemrut out the most suitable season for May 15 / 15 Date is between October. Admiring the sunset and sunrise on Mount Nimrod monitored. This incident leaves a deep impact on the sail. This is the view from those who want to come to Mount Nemrut are obliged to spend the night there.